Session 1

A Trap Sprung, an Ally Rescued

Having recieved a suspiciously-worded summons from their contact Magister Karlovic, Adara, Isp and Faryl infilitrate the grounds of the White Lotus Academy. They seek him at his office, but Magister Folcus reports him indisposed. Upon further prying, Folcus has them escorted out and into the Arboretum, where they must vanquish some vicious vegetation. Enlisting the aid of Magister Lyra to create a distraction, they sneak back into Karlovic’s office, defeat the vampires and evistro, and spirit Karlovic and his documents away to their safehouse at Ceristaltes Junius’ residence in Varei.

Dramatis Personae:

Karlovic Folcus Andreus Claudius Naziri Tertius Ignacio Lyra



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