Session 2

Ousting Folcus and Uncovering a Lead

After meeting with new Bellringer comrades (Aurin the Inquisitive, Thomas of Sern, and Xojalotzin) the party resolves to return Karlovic to his school and wrest it from Folcus’ control. Finding the vampire Claudius sitting in Karlovic’s office disguised as him, the party reduce him to ashes and stake two of his minions, then have a close brush with discovery when Folcus responds to Claudius’ silent alarm. With Folcus and the abishai now alerted to their presence and circling the grounds on the lookout, the party at first intends an assault in the dueling field, but mid-plan realize that having Isp lure Folcus away is “a much better idea.” A final throw-down in the headmaster’s hall ends with an abishai destroyed, the surrender of a well-bloodied Folcus, and the indifferent standing-down of Instructor Icuatlipochtli. Subsequent interrogation of Folcus yields information that he was a loyal Carianite, that the Cataclysm in Basphara somehow resulted from the collaboration of the cults of Carias and Parthanas, their stated aim had been the resurrection of Great Carias from his tomb in the Basilica, and that Folcus believes the Parthanites to be at fault. When Folcus demands he be remitted to the custody of Varei’s authorities before surrendering any further information, Thomas crushed his skull.

Not the fiery undead one, which flew away once Folcus was dead.



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