Session 3

Espionage in Varei, at the Chapel, Senate, and Cathedral

Much displeased with Aurin and Thomas’ approach to information-gathering, Adara, Xoja, Faryl and Isp conduct their own questioning with Instructor Icuatlipochtli. The swordmaster is more than a simple grunt, and years serving as Optio to Centurian Cocozca of the legions of Augustine Basiliscus have taught him a little something about how far to trust your allies.

He had been one of Folcus’ few companions in the year and a half since the Carianite magister had arrived at the White Lotus Academy, and immediately suspected he was up to something unseemly. The cryptic boasts and promises of retribution made by Folcus when deep in his cups was enough for Icuatl to have him tailed by some of his more stealthily-inclined students, Balcer and Dianeme. He is even able to provide names and pictures of Deacon Rudolfus and Priestess Sempronia, two of Folcus’ contacts at the Cathedral of Parthanas, and the name and address of his mistress, Magnilla.

Despite suspicious of his colleague’s nefarious doings, when Folcus sought him as conspirator in their coup on Karlovic, it was simply too good to pass up. (Icuatl had deeply resented this unaffiliated researcher’s appointment to the post, in light of his own seniority and exemplary services to the school.)

While Isp, Faryl, Adara and (to some extent) Xojalotzin have been very reasonable and he has been very cooperative, Icuatlipochtli is still very pleased when a detachment from Cocozca’s century arrives to retrieve him (Icuatl having sent Balcer to fetch them the moment things went South.) Having wielded deadly force in a plot against the headmaster has made his position untenable – and he could hear what happened to Folcus, and is understandably untrusting of the party’s mercy. For him, it is time to re-enlist.

With this additional information, IFAX begin their footwork. They call on Magnilla, claiming to be White Lotus staff investigating the disappearance of Magister Folcus. She is troubled to hear of his absence, and wonders if he might be at the Chapel of the Prophet Scelaides, (his favored temple.) She asks them to let her know as soon as they find anything out, and they proceed on to the Chapel of Scelaides.

[The Capitol’s destruction has caused a great influx of refugees and of notables and luminaries to Varei, as the Imperial Senate has established itself, for the time being, in Varei’s local amphitheater. With Antenian II dead and no clear successor, the principal candidates for Grand Thearch have come to make their speeches, grease their palms, defame their rivals, and otherwise stake their claim. Marcus Mallius Ventor claims by right of distant family, Decimus Ennius Pulcher claims by right of office, and Gnaeus Cominius is the nomination of High Priestess Ouralla, who claims entitlement to name the Grand Thearch in cases of unclear succession.]

As the Chapel of Scelaides now plays host to the High Priestess Ouralla, guards have been posted to confiscate all weapons. However, when Isp enter in the guise of Folcus, he recieves a nod of recognition and is waved through. Soon realizing he cannot very well ask question about “himself,” Isp switches to the appearance of another Magister and begins to inquire about the disappearance of Magister Folcus. A neophyte with a chicken bring him to Brother Parrix, a somber long-bearded priest who is Folcus’ spiritual advisor. Meanwhile, Adara keeps their minds linked. Parrix is troubled by the news of Folcus’ disappearance, and while he attempts to placate Isp with suggestions that Folcus is off on a research mission, he is clearly anxious to act on this information and takes his leave. Adopting the appearance of a neophyte, Isp purloins a mop to add to his disguise and follows Brother Parrix upstairs.

Ouralla - ring Scrying

Senate - all kinds of stuff

Cathedral - Serpentine Sallustius

Deacon Rudolfus - Catacombs



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